I ate a delicious hot pot in an old private house.

I stayed at a inn Saitama Prefecture with my friends.
I ordered an inoshishi hot pot from this restaurant because it has a good reputation.
When I opened the lid of the pot, there was a flower made of meat and it was very beautiful.
The hot pot soup was homemade miso so it was very delicious.
When I ate vegetables and meat, I put rice in the pot and ate it, which was also delicious.
I think this is a highly recommended restaurant.



I watched the fireflies and enjoyed the holidays.

I stayed at a inn in Saitama Prefecture with my friend.
There is a place where a firefly flies at night by the place of a 3-minute drive from this inn.
As it was around 7 o’clock at night, when I went there, a lot of fireflies flew.
I was very moved because it was the first time I saw a firefly flying.
I was able to spend a nice night with my friends.
The lodgings are also old Japanese houses, so the atmosphere is very good.
I also wanted to visit with a friend someday.



I went on a trip with my colleagues working at a company

Recently, I went to Chichibu in Saitama prefecture, which is also famous for television commercials.
I went around seeing famous shrines and sightseeing spots.
The thing that remained particularly impressive was that the sculpture of the dragon was connected to the chain.
Long ago, this dragon is from the shrine, it seems to have rampaged.
We stayed at the inn in Saitama prefecture at night.
It is very comfortable as it is an old private house.
Cooking is handmade, so it is very tasty.
Everyone of the staff was very kind, so it was like I wanted to come again.
I stayed at a wonderful inn and it was a good memory.