An inn with a thatched roof of memories.

There is an inn that makes us feel very calm when we visit Japan.
It will be an inn in Saitama prefecture.
This inn now has a very unusual thatched roof.
There are no roof craftsmen, so the owner of the inn is now taking care of it.
The world is in a difficult state right now, but I would like to overcome this and show the view of thatched roof forever.
Once this condition has settled down, I would love to visit with my friends again.
I want to eat delicious food and drink with everyone.



I ate a delicious hot pot in an old private house.

I stayed at a inn Saitama Prefecture with my friends.
I ordered an inoshishi hot pot from this restaurant because it has a good reputation.
When I opened the lid of the pot, there was a flower made of meat and it was very beautiful.
The hot pot soup was homemade miso so it was very delicious.
When I ate vegetables and meat, I put rice in the pot and ate it, which was also delicious.
I think this is a highly recommended restaurant.



I watched the fireflies and enjoyed the holidays.

I stayed at a inn in Saitama Prefecture with my friend.
There is a place where a firefly flies at night by the place of a 3-minute drive from this inn.
As it was around 7 o’clock at night, when I went there, a lot of fireflies flew.
I was very moved because it was the first time I saw a firefly flying.
I was able to spend a nice night with my friends.
The lodgings are also old Japanese houses, so the atmosphere is very good.
I also wanted to visit with a friend someday.